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how can we write a fibunacci sequance less than 1000 in java?

10/30/2019 6:45:12 PM

Amir allameh

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by first learning how to code and then writing the code to output all fibonacci lower than 1000


if you are asking what the code should look like I’d say: please upload what you have tried thusfar so we can help you out with the code. #notdoingyourhomeworkforyou


No Problem!


There are several ways to write fibonacci: iteratively, recursively, dynami programming. Which one are you referring to? anyways it is a good way to learn the differernt types f algorithms so learn em all.


Fibonacci sequence goes in a way, when the sum of pervious two numbers becomes a new number, first numbers of Fibo are 0 and 1, so the sequance goes as 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8... All you have to do is make a method, which would sum up previous numbers and add use them as a new number in the sequence.... how about a LOOP? ;)


public class fibunacci { public static void main(String[] args) { static long fib(int n) if (n<=1){ return n; else return fib (n-1)+(n_2); } System.out.println(""); i dont know how to add lower 1000 with a loop. }


Have you learned about While and For loops? Both would allow you to achieve the requirements, although I personally would go with WHILE, so it would start with a condition, E.G. while (maxNumber **** 1000) - replace **** with what would meet the criteria of your requirement and then proceed to create the loop. Right here in Solo, we have a good section about htose loops in Java.


tnx bro