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Do i have to learn algorithms before learning programing languages ??

10/29/2019 9:24:38 PM


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To be a good programmer, yes.


7 algorithms and data structures every programmer must know Sort Algorithms. Sorting is the most heavily studied concept in Computer Science. ... Search Algorithms. Binary Search (in linear data structures) ... Hashing. ... Dynamic Programming. ... Exponentiation by squaring. ... String Matching and Parsing. ... Primality Testing Algorithms


Nope. An algorithm is a way of how you want the computer to perform a task. So you cannot make algorithms without learning programming. Once you learn it, you can make your own algorithms for how your software will work. Mainly algorithms work using the if, elif and else functions - Humayra🇧🇩


Programming have important rule! If you know all the rule and algorithms very well you can choose one language and write well code so if you notice on this rule and algorithms you can be a professional coder 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉


Yes, to be an efficient programmer. But you can learn them simultaneously.


K.M Ahnaf Zamil I was joking about python al developers! 🤣🤣 It's not like you simply CAN'T learn a programming language without learning algorithms. However, if you wish to move your skills to the next level, you might as well want to learn al. Apart from programming, algorithms will also increase your ability of logical thinking so yeah, go for it :)


Yes, It's compulsory, algorithm is root of programming.


Algorithm is just a way to remember logic behind a program. So it depends person to person.


Yes, you can learn also the syntax and basics first before advanced algorithms.


It would be better if you start learning it later. First make your hand dirty with syntax and how the code works .Then you can learn algorithm to increase your level even higher enhancing logical skill.


You can learn the language and study algorithm later


--Algorithms are step by step procedure to solve any particular problem . --Algorithm can be written in plain English language,it can be represented by figures . So if you want to learn programming you should have idea about algorithm it will be an addon. --in context of computer programming algorithm are different like , different sorting algorithm, backtracking algorithm, dynamic programming, bruteforce algorithm, greedy algorithm, recursive algorithm. -- To implement all this algorithms you should have good programming skills.. Thanks. Abhijit- software developer


🚲 I think you can learn a programing language (befor algorithms). You can enjoy playing with coding. It's fun 🤓🤳 🛵 If you would learn some basic algorithems, your code will be much more deep and useful. 😎🎓 🚀 If you want to be a profetional programmer, you will surely have to learn algorithems. 👨‍🎓🥇 🚘 Botom line: you can learn a language, then latter learn algorithms... Enjoy your time...⛾👌🏽


Yes. Of course!


Only learning programming language doesn't require algorithms. But to make an efficient program (i.e. to optimize the time and space complexity of program), you should follow the appropriate data structure and algorithms. And this is the most important topic for programmers.


Yes you have to but don't actually learn just understand them in a scalable way




I am almost positive that the people answering yes, don't understand the question. That or, I don't understand the question. You do not need to learn any algorithms to learn the syntax or structure of a language. You should learn and use some algorithms and at least be aware of standards non language specific algorithms to be proficient at programming. But it is not a prerequisite.


Yes, it is important to get good command in algorithm to code in high level languages


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