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Django,Django Rest Framework, React ,MongoDB vs MERN

Django comes with batteries included but in Node i am required to write each and every thing from scratch. It's very slow to develop with node but with Django it's tooooooooooooo fast. I can't find good documentation for MERN Stack but Django docs are lit I definitely want to use React as front-end so i found out that i wont use django templating engine but Django rest Framework for it. And it will completely separate frontend from back-end I can see dozens of very popular websites built with Django and really like it. I can't even find a way to make a blog app with MERN but there's hundred of tutorials for Django What am i supposed to do

10/28/2019 2:10:33 PM

Ashutosh Agrawal

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What am i supposed to do ? Is something you should debate with yourself. No one would actually tell you to do something so you won't end up blaming the idea... but I'd suggest you move on with django


And I'm the fan of wordpress, specially doing things from scratch with php! I definitely like it! Recently I've made a website for my own purpose and am finding php as a back-end along with MySql extremely prodigious! Even I did make my own personal CMS for the website too! 😁😂


I am finding that the MERN stack is more in demand and more recommended by people in the industry. Having said that, you can push your own favourite technologies I am sure you can find companies who dont really care what tech is used as long as the job is done. In my experience its better to be open with technology, I definitely benefited from for example knowing php even though many people would say they dislike the language you need to keep your option open and try to match you skills with what is in demand.


I search MERN stack, and I found this video: Does it help?


Please is there any other app to study programming to widen my knowledge( I love Sololearn not rejecting it)


Hello,check out this for django:


Im build with Ruby On Rails