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words=["a","b","c"] Can I insert more than one item into words without writing so many words.insert()?

2/6/2017 1:08:34 PM


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You can use + to add single items or whole lists to an existing list. I've written an example for you: words = ["a","b","c"] more_words = ["d","e","f"] best_words = words + more_words + ["g"] print (best_words) for char in "hijk": best_words += [char] print (best_words) If you run it, you'll see, that it will print a list containing all letters from "a" to "g" or "k" respectively.


One way to do it would be to just add them to a big list and use sort(). You can specify a key function if necessary. Whether this is more efficient than repeated insertion will depend on your data though.


@Tobi So I can only write each list separately and than add them? What if I want to add more than one item into different positions?Like add 2&5 into[1,3,4,6] and make it [1,2,3,4,5,6]