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Frontend or Backend?

I have almost completed HTML course now. I am thinking of doing the CSS course. But I'm not sure; should I stick to the frontend or start learning Java? I secreatly dream of making games or just be somewhere in gaming industry. But making this kind of stuff is very hard, and this makes me resign. So maybe I should drop Java and backend and learn just frontend languages to make sites and etc.... Maybe it's too early to say stuff like this 😅 I don't know!

10/27/2019 12:17:52 PM

Julia G ^_-

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You yourself said, "Never give up, even if its hard". Where is ya spirit? Well learning Html (only) is like buying an ice-cream cone and hoping to get an ice-cream yourself. Web development(front end) itself start with Html+css+javascript. So without css and javascript, you wont enjoy you ice-cream.... Further, you must do java(or any such language). I recomm java because i have done it. Other than that i have also done Cpp and pyt. Finally, to get into game dev, you first need to pick up a game-dev-kit. These are the choices you have. -> Unity is awesome and outstanding and free. Most of it is GUI just like any cad. Also common behaviours to objects can be defined as easily as placing a set of cards in front of you. Finally you require Js or C# to script your own behaviours. -> LibGDX a java library is for those who want to code everything. Well, it was my choice and everything is damn hard. But now i have started to get along with it and i can say that it is a lot easier. -> JMonkey. I dont know


-> Jmonkey, i dont know much, please google it out. Do your own research and find what fits you taste. I am a learner, not yet a teacher or professional coder. But I would still recommend Java+Gdx. Good luck!


Normaly, after HTML you must learn CSS and JavaScript for frontend. Now, for backend you can you can learn PHP or node.js.


Thank you for your advice!


That sounds right. Research is the best thing I can do right now, as I am a beginner. So I will do it today! Thank you very much!