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Best learning tool after

What is the best tool, app, or website I can use after I've learned all of a language on here once I get the certificate? Or is there a need after?

10/23/2019 11:37:22 PM


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Hi Tyler I believe you need experience. Like an an artist learning to paint, you must master your craft.


Apart from experience I say that the best tool is the internet.


Tyler to get more experience I would recommend you to start building some mini projects , as they will not only increase your experience but also will build your CV Also you can go to GitHub and start contributing or making open source projects that will also give you a nice software development experience.


You can learn a lot from Stack Overflow.


Oh okay thank you Manual, do you know what type of job I could get to start developing experience? I eventually wanna become a software engineer and dont know the best route


Okay thank you Sonic this will help so much


And thank you Arsenic


And one last question, how much knowledge would you say that this app provides about programming languages?


Tyler this is the nice app for learning any programming language but to build up on your basics you need to practice and if you want to go in further details of concepts then I would suggest going on internet. But this app gives you enough that in future you will not be having any problem even if you are going for learning details


if it is for programming, This is it :)