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i do't understand the yellow note below it

when i try to execute the yellow note code playground it does't show any error then when does it show error ...please explain it

10/23/2019 7:29:11 AM

Akanksha arya saini

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Is this question in relation with any of the courses? Please specify which course, and which chapter. Include language in Relevant Tags too 👍 And what did you mean by "execute the yellow note"? I just lost you there.


on the web version ? that's warning


its usually giving a tips, or how to get rid of it. for example using == will give a warning, and the note will tell you to use === instead.


provide code please :) otherwise we dont know what code you’rebtalking about since there’s multiple courses on here


ok u can take as a warning but for me it is a yellow note . Actually i do't understand the content inside it..