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Literature For Programming Languages(Books)

Many people ask about where they can find some literature, like full pdf books. So here are many different links to books for different languages here! Hope this will help. It is all listed in the comments. Enjoy!

2/6/2017 12:49:15 AM


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Resources Open Source Books: Online Courses: Interactive Programming Resources: Programming problems to practice:


Python: "Think Python" by Allen d/l. (my small contribution to the thread:)


Incredible and inspiring Filip!! Thank you....I will grab these!! Phenomenal thank you a thousand times!!


My thought now is: Since these are free d/l s, grab some of these when you begin a Sololearn course, and use them while you are doing the course. Sololearn is kind of an outline, and if you have these available you can go into the language of your choice in as much depth as you choose by having these resources available.


thank you so much for the help.☺


Everything you need to learn programming On this page are often discount 😉


Hello again, guys! I hope you liked my suggestion before(for free ebooks website), so I am here to post another one, which I just found:


this is a great thread thank you all


Guys thanks for links. Suggestion: plz add books on neral networks, etc


Hello to all from Bulgaria!! Thanks for all links, guys. And from me :


Thank you Ninja!! Very helpful!!



@Elvis Sadly there is only the ninth edition, 10th is not available. I can provide you with the link if you want


A paradise with thousands of books:


wow !!😮 this is really helpfull , thanks 👍👍👍👏


Thank you @Filip.


If you know the names of mostly suggested tending and popular compilers/interpreters(for any os) out in the market, then please share the name @ the given forum! Open this link using sololearn app : There's information already available out there, So you MUST Check it Out Now! >>


thanx for the useful links.


thanks a lot..very helpful.


in case this thread deleted. i will post another one with more references, like angular js, nodejs, linux shell, visualbasic, etc. and yes there will be some pirated book there. Call me Captain Cat. 😼 Yo ho yo ho ho......