Python compound statements

How would I compress this so I only have anotherVar one time? someVar = anotherVar if (cond1 >= 0) else anotherVar Thanks

10/22/2019 8:44:00 AM


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This way, you will get <anotherVar> assigned to <someVar> whether or not <cond1> >= 0 as I understand it. Can you elaborate more on what it is you're trying to do?


The pattern of the ternary operator is: A if condition else B I'm not sure how you want to make it shorter. One situation where you can is if the first value turns out False. x = input() or 'default' In this case, either the user enters anything, then x will be that, or they just press enter, then the input string is zero length and False, and in that case, x will be default. Maybe you can describe your specific situation?