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How multiple developers work in single project?

I'm just curious to know that how different groups of programmers work on a particular task and accomplish it.I mean how do they mange it to accomplish big projects in big tech company. Probably i can find this one in Google but why i use Google when i have this beautiful community of helpful programmers and learners.

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There are still many, many reasons why you would want to conduct a search prior to asking. Given that, I wonder if any of these threads shed light on your question?


Thank you very much for your answers i really appreciate it.


Using git many developers can work on the same project simultsneously. Check out the sololearn lesson on git and version control


GitHub and togetherjs on is the best


It's simple just assign different work to different developers. After that take Everyone's code, test them and merge into a single project.


Some bug tracking system like Jira allows to assign different tasks for different developers


Live share extensions on vscode