[SOLOLEARN RELATED] Is it ok to have a long spammy bio/summary? (Like scrolling) | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


[SOLOLEARN RELATED] Is it ok to have a long spammy bio/summary? (Like scrolling)

Yesterday I did that thing when I made fun with Virgie, now Im just wondering if its ok(especially mods) to have a long summary containing more than 1000 lines? I did it first, then comes Virgie. Like you need to scroll to reach the end because the summary is just full of newlines and stuffs. Like this.

10/19/2019 5:07:08 AM


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We talked about having that in your profile description 🙄 Don't overstretch it. If it annoys people on the q&a it's considered spam and I wish you good luck with that.


I think it's quite annoying and childish but I doubt any mod would ban you for doing that.


For those who are confused, by "summary" he means the bio system Sololearn added recently. He's written a spammy bio and now thinking if it's okay (Bro, your profile visits will bump up after this;)) Let's ask some mods, shall we? Tashi N D_Stark please have a look


Tashi N thanks for that To: Virgie HEY 👑Miss Solollearn Philippines (Storm Me) CHANGE YOUR SUMMARY BEFORE ANY MOD BANS YOU


Don't be so childish😂😂😂 and I changed it long lime ago


Well in that case... I might continue it... tmorrow


It's a waste of time and shows you're a scriddie so it's far from being okay. But mods don't deactivate your account for being a scriddie if you don't violate the platform rules.


It's a form of trolling as its ruining the atmosphere of the forum for a reaction. trolling = emotional reaction spamming = anything off topic like advertising


So its ok to do that spammy thingy? Tashi N


If it's just in your bio and not in Q&A no one probably cares.


No, each Are counted as 1


Official Azure(Version 3) - Im Not A Senpai I stated that you won't be banned for that o_0


I don't think it's wrong as far as it is useful/*I mean not spam*/to do so You may check Morpheus sir's account.. It has long but descriptive and useful summary.


Just do your thing. It's your bio. I think it's okay for one to add what he/she is comfortable with... But if you are conscious of who's reading, then you better get to the point. Nevertheless, it is your bio, WRITE AWAY!


You got 368 views in a day.


Why not create a question in QnA section and post it there Bagul Shihieva . This is an answer section not question.


You can create your own, oh god


Btw its my first time to have this put as "Hot Today", and bcoz of that, thx


it's a waste of time


It's best to make it short and catchy. Most people don't read long texts.