After the latest UI/profile section updates to SL is the absence of ads the only benefit of Pro membership?

What else is there for the Pros?

10/18/2019 2:09:45 AM


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Sonic allow me to explain. When he says snooping on you, he refers to being able to see who visited your profile. For non-pro members, we just see number of visitors like 202 visits this week.


Anthony Quick seeing who's snooping on you? Could you explain? 😀


No ads, see who's snooping on you, set learning goals, and some other things I don't remember. Still worth it. 😊


Pro membership also allows you to set your daily learning goals And buying a pro membership also acts like charity that you do for SOLOLEARN free learning initiative


What people say is true but for the geolocation of nearby learners does not work 😞 very disappointing. Other than that I did get pro at a affordable discount so not much to complain hopefully they use the 💲 for good use.