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C++ Graphics

How can i draw things in c++(like the do in js) or how may i achieve graphics ?


10/17/2019 3:48:03 PM

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have you check Google or YouTube on this and see what others use, if you do that you will find easy illustrations and tutorials to go about it, all it will take you is an hour or more of search and in the process you will also learn something new which is the skill of Googling


Use the graphic.h library. You can't compile it in sololearn playground though


C++ has no standard library for graphics. On modern computers the operating system prevents direct access to the graphics hardware so it is necessary to draw into some type of memory based object and request to operating system to display it. The Windows API uses a device context to do this. There are other ways to do this but they are all specific to the API or gui framework being used.


There are libraries like SFML(2D only), OpenGL(2D and 3D), DirectX(2D and 3D), etc. U can find tutorials on YouTube and Google on these