How can improve my skill in programming


10/17/2019 12:29:16 PM


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Thanku all


Quick answer... => Give your time on practicing


Check this. You can get your answer. https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/2038205/?ref=app


Remember this saying "practice makes perfection"? Therefore, practice everyday. Set target(s) for each day. Also, pray to God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding.


Make a lot of mistakes...mistakes makes great programmers ..cuz a solution can not exist without a problem.


Whatever language you are using, trying to create complex projects makes you better. Example: 2 years later I was trying to make GUI in Java, I watched a lot of tutorials but still couldn't understand what it's going on,but after doing a lot of mistakes and research now making GUI in Java is something easy for me. Also this questions are better to be asked in a site called "stack overflow", there you will find a lot more questions and answers for your problems. For me making viruses than do not harm the system but are fun made me a better programmer too


Practice makes man perfect





You take and completes sololearn challenges and code daily one page in note pads editor this is a best source to build your coding and programming skills fastly



I have the same question. How I can do it, I think sometimes is really boring Ok so solution is simple Andriana vition you type in other code editor ex-sublime, brackets etc. And give daily half or 1 hour for coding ok... This code editor is very good editor for beginners to advance level coders And this is interesting.. So you try it..