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How can i master c++?



10/14/2019 1:36:39 PM

xDrake 010

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Practice, Practice and Practice since Matrix(movie) Technology is far away 😇


You know basics c++?



C++ is a *huge* language, much beyond the scope of what is taught in SoloLearn's provided (but still good) lessons. So large, that the book the founder wrote for it is longer than the Bible, and the standard for it, even larger. Even if you read it all, it will take allot time for it to settle. And then practice is needed along with experience in projects - and don't forget the standard library, good practices, design patterns, data structures and algorithms, discrete math, networking...etc. There's pretty much no quick shortcut, C++ is one of the toughest out there and it involves allot of thinking. I think one *can* master it through years of work and devotion, likely including personal time spent on projects as well. My advice is to keep learning things, build (and complete) projects, and go after challenges. Landing an internship/job in the field after some time would help as well, and the good thing is entry-level employers aren't looking for mastery of the language. And ask for help too. Good luck!


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