Why do those with coding experience look down on those without?

I have noticed on the most popular coding forum on the internet for professional developers that people look down on others who have less knowledge. Here it doesn't happen so much but I still notice it at times and it makes me feel uneasy because though the feeling of being respected is nice it sets you above other people and I never want to feel that way. What I am wondering though, more than anything, is why do people seem to think someone who's spent a few years in the industry is better than those who haven't? Because clearly they are not, but the perception must come from somewhere. [Edit by David Carroll] Peter David Carter This topic has been reviewed by the mods and, despite it being an open-ended question, we believe this serves the community interest and should remain.

10/12/2019 9:22:25 PM

Peter David Carter

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Lol we can all be arrogant dbags at times when reading the Q&A section. The amount of repetition of either previously asked or 'Googlable' questions is rather high here but then I think it's always a new person asking this who's search or English skills are a bit lacking and who's just got their hands on their first phone or App. But I admit it's sometimes good to neutralise your dismay/frustration with a dose of self-esteem boosting patronising criticism. But it's good to have checks and balances on everything we say or do.


That's just how some people are, and it's certainly not specific to programming. However on your second paragraph, you wrote: "why do people seem to think someone who's spent a few years in the industry is better than those who haven't?". There are game programmers will work on projects that have 1M+ lines of code (no joke). Everyone learns at their own pace. Not everyone who has been programming 20+ years professionally will be better than someone who has only been programming for 2 or 3 years.


Peter David Carter Everyone should get the same amount of respect. Even if they are still learning.


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I think it's because people are not perfect and have egos. It happens in many fields, not just programming.


Peter David Carter perhaps programming is your strongest area but never think that it is your only personal worth. Everyone can grow personally in different areas.


I actually stopped using SO because of this very reason. I felt like it's ironic that when I ask a question I was told to Google it... Umm how the hell do you think I got here? This is where Google sent me! I think some are just a-holes and some are really frustrated with basic questions, but forget that as beginners, we sometimes don't know the right way to ask or what we really need to be asking.


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Guys I am on several platforms daily and I try to evaluate the situation based on the asker, their profile, what they have shown as far as codes, and more as to the type of solution rather it is a simple design or needing a more complexed resolve... but just like a doctor you get in diagnose / troubleshoot give an update on and move to the next... Sometimes coming to the office is needed but ask a doctor is often the case and here is the Band-Aids ...


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I get your point and I agree with it in some extent, I think some of the more experienced programmers get a bit salty because they get flooded with bad questions from novices that could get an answer with 1 google search or just checking documentation... but yeah, some people are just <redacted> and think they are superior for whatever reason, not only in the coding community tho


Apparently putting down others can give people a boost in self esteem. https://www.quora.com/Why-do-people-look-down-on-others


I have found programmers to be pretty neutral. But StackOverlow can be harsh yeah, because there are a lot of people on the platform. Welcome to the community anyway! Don't let a few dbags let you down.


I look down on those who seek answers without having provided any proof that they tried. No one gets better by being spoon fed the solutions. If you show that you try, I will help. If you want someone to do your homework for you, my response will be to either ignore you or belittle your lack of initiative. Effort earns my respect. In many cases, a question is being asked that's been answered a million times. A quick search will give you many possible answers. Trial and error and a little research go a long way. Personally, I learn more this way too. On the other hand... maybe I'm just one of those arrogant "dbags" lol ...


David Carroll why would you ever think that a question that sparks useful debate and almost no hostility should be censored? If I understand here it's really not something I want to believe of Sololearn


I am an educated person. In the past I helped train electrical engineers. (1977-1982) TRW. I discovered they look good on paper. I would asked them I had that in school why are you asking me basic questions in electronics. The dark reality some received degrees and did not learn anything in school.


Sometimes it happens that I can give a highly detailed answer to a very noobish question, this is when I shine the most Examples: https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/2030169/?ref=app https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/2025282/?ref=app https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/2025179/?ref=app https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1918710/?ref=app https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1925679/?ref=app https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1926269/?ref=app When you get a question you should always answer very detailed and google yourself see if you can get any additional insights, its good practice for writing and with this mindset you sometimes wish to get noobish questions since they are the easiest to answer in a unique way. It always boosts your own learning A limit though to this though as some questions are beyond belief in thier sheer laziness those can be ignored HonFu the case of what is HTML might be worthwhile if you for example do a insightful answer based on the history of its development with Tim Burner-Lee


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