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Double Tap on Android ADB

I was looking for reproducing douple tap on an android emulator via adb, but I've found nothing. I tried this (using python): for i in range(2): os.system("adb shell input tap x y") but It doesn't work because It's too slow giving the input: when the first command is finished, It gives the second one, but the emulator takes them as single taps. I also had a change with Thread and It's worked, but in a limited test file only , such as: def click(): os.system("adb shell input tap x y") Thread(target=click).start() click() When I put this script in my complete (and tardy) code, It takes his time so... I doesn't work propely... Any suggestions? Does exist a built-in double tap command in adb?

10/11/2019 5:33:37 PM

Giordano Fratti

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Greetings, I'm not sure how much research you've put into this, but I found a link that might be helpful for you. If not, I'd say ask your question to the stackoverflow community and see what kind of feedback you get.


I'll try to ask on stackoverflow because nothing fits propely my question. Thanks any way :)))


Giordano Fratti Hello I have the same problem Did you found a sollution ?