Is it appropriate to attach a link to our sololearn profile on our resumé, just like with LinkedIn and stackOverflow

10/7/2019 5:09:55 PM

BlackRose Mike

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I think not possible because without login in Sololearn no-one can see your profile. But on LinkedIn and StackOverFlow you can check others profile details too. But I think Sololearn should provides this feature in future.


Kuzzzi sure they do, tho it depends else thats why a link to a linkedIn profile is appropriate


TheCoder | I Specialise in C# sure im aware.


Muxriddin What type of help you need. Please if you need help from a single person then you can send direct message to that person. Because Sololearn has this feature for that purpose only.


Until a link is available you can probably mention your achievements here.


a link to your projects is more appropriate recruiters don't have the time to go through your profiles.


Hello Mike . Pleas help me !