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gaming with c++

hello friends i have a very less knowledge in c and c++ before but not in depth and all are just wiped out now.. so basically i want to be a game programmer and i have got to know that most of the games are designed with c++. but i don't have any knowledge about from where to start , what to learn as game includes sounds , graphics , animations etc.. how to merge all these things to make a single game.. i really want to go step by step from the beginning Thanks


7/14/2016 5:01:00 PM

Karan Luther

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go and buy some c/c++ books online and read them.....and before reading go for their rating and reviews....gud luk


So if you want to go step by step ... you should go somewhat like this. 1. Learn c++(if you want to code on c++ only and don't want to use any other language).And by learning I don't mean that do the basics,do everything in detail. 2. Work with a game engine.(If you have the time to make your own game that ,but that takes a lot of study of the language to core and of course you have to open up to different programming languages too). My suggestion : use unreal engine.It uses c++ for scripting(coding). 3.Learn photoshop for making your own game objects and to do character animations.


watch movies to get ideas


use a pre existing game engine or make your own engine using opengl/directx