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Validate if string is correctly formed 2D array

I'm making a tutorial site based on interactive quizzes for stuff that the internet currently only has decent static content for, such as trees... What I'd like to do atm is parse a user input string to check if it is a valid 2D array. If it is, I pass it to my tree generator, if not display a hint message to the user. Thing is, I can just parse for the square brackets in the right order, fair enough, but I'm wondering if there are any JavaScript functions or libraries that might take a bit of the hassle out of checking if user input is of a particular type. Anyone know of anything? I tried eval but that generates a bunch of errors which mess up my program and is a security nightmare anyway.

10/4/2019 2:07:58 PM

Peter David Carter

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Peter David Carter I just now saw your question and agree that JSON.parse will be a good way to evaluate. I'm sure Regex would be another option to consider as well. Do you have any test strings you can share?


Morpheus Sonic TheWh¡teCat Prometheus πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ David Carroll anyone any ideas?


Peter David Carter I completely missed your response. Sorry about that. Here is a simple Regex that might need more testing. But I think it does the job for the most part. I think the JSON approach is better.


Or a regex that would do this maybe?


Ah ha! Finally tracked down this: answer. Looks like good 'ole JSON.parse will do the trick. Let's seeeeee...


David Carroll Sure, one simple one would be [[1],[2,3]] which would be a root node with two children. Hopefully I'm modelling this right 😐