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How do I publish a website?

do I have to pay for a domain name and hosting? what is hosting? is there no way to do it yourself??...I don’t need a website builder..... Thanks for your answers!... Okay I guess the better question is do I need a third party for hosting? (Paid or free). Or is this something I can learn to do on my own?

10/3/2019 4:15:59 AM


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Yes, you mast pay for a domain name once of year. if you delay payment, domain name you will be taken away and put up for sale, although it will be possible to buy it again, if it does not buy someone before you. hosting - this is a company that provides a service for hosting customer sites on their servers. this is analogous to an organization that has built and maintains an apartment building in which individual apartments are customer sites. there is no need to pay for hosting if you use free hosting service


You can try free hosting on Yes, you can publish a website, but you still have to buy a domain name. you can set up a web server even at home on your computer, provided that it will be constantly turned on 24 hours 7 days a week, it will have a backup power supply and your Internet provider will give you a white static external IP address


Subdomain names of some hoster are for free including webhosting, i.e. offers that and many others. Nothing to pay. Only if you want your own domain name you have to pay, about 15.- in year I guess. Webhosting around 50.- in year more less, depending space volume you need.


you can, its not all free considering electricity and internet bill. BUT can you manage the security ?