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Lazy Sololearn Devs

for months, there have been no language updates. no posts from sololearn for 2 weeks. lesson factory could take a year before getting accepted. console programs like python and C++ still doesn't get a runtime feature. and the code challenges still as repetitive and boring as ever, with no update at sight. has the development team of sololearn completely ignored the community's call for updates, and slacked off possibly after they started getting income from the new ads feature. and has sololearn stopped engaging with the audience knowing that the mods have gotten this under control. to me, this place has turned into a soap opera where people fight for likes and comments to get more followers on their profile. And getting XP by simply remembering the questions on code challenges for a tad pointless grinding. my point is that people are losing the big picture of being here, to study programming. and without the presence of sololearn's continuous updates, there is no way people could improve here.

10/1/2019 5:16:19 PM

Shen Bapiro

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✔Unfortunately I have to agree with you here, however the community is alright. ✔There is good discussions on code, funny and interesting posts, questions are answers promptly, contests are fun to take part in. ✔But this is completely community driven and the architecture of the sololearn app is not very opensource for this type of thing. ✔I wish they focused on creating and encourage a more sustained & self-sufficient community driven ecosystem.


lvl 1 crook you got strong points. But the goal is not to learn programmimg alone, but learning while having fun quizzes and games. Only few languages have constant repitition i.e HTML. One reason is html is not as vast as programming languages, reason why sql wasnt added as a weapon. Irrespective of the lapses i enjoy sololearn and use it more than any app on my phone for the past 64days. for about the likes and comments and xp, sure sololearn is like a social network for programmers, its normal for any social networking and improve activities. P.S: many improvements need to be made. One thing i hope is the inputs reader to be quite sequential on mobile.


Jay Matthews i did actually, i started moving to since their community is much more engaging to its users than sololearn. and their runtime compilers support much more languages than sololearn and GUI programming support. sololearn needs to step up their features or people will switch platforms to learn programming. the only reason i see advanced programmers stay in sololearn is due to the community, which, is sololearn's main strong point. is unfortunately isn't being engaged enough by sololearn by updating new advanced programming features. we have reached the point where we care more about the community than programming itself. where an advanced programmer finished all their sololearn lesson, they would simply stay here to focus more on the community than learn programming because there is rarely an update on the lessons here.


SoloLearn has a great community but I have been experiencing connectivity problems since I started using it again. I also feel like the new messaging system is a bit unnecessary since we already have a Q&A section. If there was a team project the messaging system would be helpful, but so far all I usually get are random users saying "hi", or telling me how great my code is, or asking me questions about programming when they usually belong in the Q&A section.


Sonic Yep


Jay Matthews You are right that SL has community but it is also right that there is no updates since a long time. I am here since Jan 2018. But I saw that last update was in html challenge in July 2018 after that I am watching same repeated questions. And also SL taking too much time to approve quizes or lessons. One more thing I sent a mail to SL regarding to unblock one best user but they didn't reply anything till now. I know SL gets so much email but it happened since a long time and still no reply from them.


Anthony Dwomoh No-one can teach you coding. Coding comes from learning and practice. So you can see some examples on Google and try to make your own small code. After running successful of that code try to modify that code and run again. If it will run successfully then try to modify again and so on. If you will like to do in this way then your coding skills will be improve.


I really like sololearn and enjoy it the way it is, i don’t mind the messages in fact i enjoy group chatting w/ other programmers. I think sololearn is doing a good job tho they could add new questions to the challenges.


lvl 1 crook Indeed the developer team seems to not bother with pushing updates. However, the community runs itself pretty well. Some members host contests, some make awesome codes. Those are definitely worth the stay. And then there are the pages, where the page managers dedicated time to bring quality content. Therefore your reason to stay is not just XP. :) I do understand your ire.


Use other sites as well as SL. SL has a community that other sites don't have.


Maybe they're busy with activities like bug fixes that aren't visible to us.


blackwinter You are right. But I am also working in IT industry so I know how much is hard to update but it is not much hard that you take so much time to update.


As people have said SL is unparalleled as an App for online programming tutorials with related features. As this space becomes more competitive with similar Apps, the desire to improve faster will be greater. It's just how the economy works.


The dev team can't be too big.


blackwinter so if not for this your phone is useless? 😂


Last year, SoloLearn added C language to certified course and add ES6 lesson to JavaScript... Why not Kotlin? ES7 - ES9 in JavaScript – async functions and loops (await)...


The messaging section is only beneficial to challengers at the moment IMHO.


Sonic and people who just want a good chat, as well as people wanting to collaborate on codes.


I never expected a post calling the developers of this platform lazy would be one of the hottest!


You can google for spesific topic and SL isnt the only place where you can learn programmimg. But good point tho.