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Modifying a linkedlist

I have to make my own implementation of a linkedlist. I know for methods like add, delete, etc, I can do this: create a new node and set it to head: Node temp = head Say head has these attached to it: [“a”] - [“b”] - [“c”] Then would temp look like this?: [“a”] - [“b”] - [“c”] I know that to add an node to the end, I can loop through the linkedlist until null: Node newNode = newNode(data) while ( != null) { temp =; } = newNode But wouldn’t the linkedlist look like this because I’m setting a new next each time?: [“c”] - [“e”] This has made me confused. I assume I need to modify the original linked list and get: [“a”] - [“b”] - [“c”] - [“e”]

9/30/2019 2:19:17 PM

Jamie Charles

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thank you, cleared my confusion!