can we declare system variables in phyton? like 2xy+3x in which x doest have value.

9/29/2019 10:10:51 AM


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No we cannot do that since it will raise an error showing “variable x is not defined”. This is according to Python. I dont know about other languages.


OOP would help a lot.


thank you bro .then how can i sove equations in mathematics .if we want to calculate the values of a equation .and also teach me how to get an input from uiser which contains both integers and characters .example :3x^2+6x-7


You need to program code to read strings such as "3x^²+6x-7" to do what you wanted them to do.


want to treat 3 as integer and x ^2 as string


You would make a list of lists, where: "3x^2+6x-7" would be converted to: [["x", 3, 2], ["x", 6, 1], [None, -7, 1] where "x", "x" and None represent var names, 3, 6, -7 represent var multipliers and 2, 1 and 1 represent exponent. Or something similar.