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Question about XP!

Sorry for the strange question, but I want to know)) I see that every day in SL there are users who do nothing and get 1000, 2000 and even 3000XP per day. Is it even possible? Have you noticed such cases? (People who received this “bonus”, don’t get me wrong, I just want to find out) 🌸

9/25/2019 1:56:56 AM

DiLoSha 🇹🇯 Inactive🌠

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But there are such users who received 1000 or 2000xp without doing anything ... Every day this happens but I can’t understand how it is even possible - if a person does not show activity ...


Learning is important not that xp 😂. Don't spend much time looking at others. If you want to earn xps then go for the challenges.


I am at 200+n daily and get 5 xp every day


it can be daily bonus , lessons XP or badges...


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Omg I have the same question these days, but i think these guys are cracking the application nothing else!😀🤓 DiLoSha


Hahahah may be 😃 b3hn4mx1


It's not possible get xp for free. You get xp for daily login, challenges, code up votes, etc.


Yes, you're right Marzan it's not easy:)


Yeah there are some users who get more than 1000xp every day, but I think those users are hardworking.


Take challenges and win😂Why it would be impossible?


Daily bonus/strike I'm on 30/9...


Hi. Points will remain if you complete a course and clear that course upon completion bye.


Do not pay attention to XPs. Here the learning process and outcomes are important. If you learn sth, you win; otherwise you don't.


people who have such xp's have taken the lessons


DiLoSha ❄ You get a way lot xp now! You know the hard work!


DiLoSha Don't know much but I got 2000+ XP yesterday for learning lessons / courses all together


How are u going to connect your database


I have 2 guesses: 1. Few days ago I saw a Sololearn XP hack on YouTube, maybe that is the reason.👨‍💻 Don't worry I don't use XP hack, they just recommend me to see it and chasing XP is not my interest 😊. 2. It can be daily/monthly bonuses 📆🤓


Maybe :) Okhunjon Okhunov