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I just have to ask this question. We all know sololearn lessons are limited. But most of us don't know next step, where to go what to do and how to get more resources. As we all know W3 school is for web but what about other Languages like Java Python Swift Ruby. How and where can we get more resources about this. Please let's help. I also fall in this category with SQL, I Only know SQLite. I have searched for similar questions but ye questions are just about maybe what to do after learning a language Please Help

9/18/2019 7:17:47 PM


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There are so many resources online you just have to find what works best for you. If you really need in-depth information on a specific feature, module or function, then usually the official documentation of each language is the best. For a specific technical question, google will likely get you some hits on stackoverflow. And there are portals and blogs, either generic or multi language, or focusing on a single language, that explore various interesting areas. Eg Also there are numerous YouTube videos if you prefer voice / visual content.


W3school is not for web !! You can learn other languages from their site


First of all, w3 is not for web only, it also has python unlike you said, and probably ruby too. Second, you are not limited to a website, it is all about searching in the web, you will always find an answer to what you need to know, don't stick to one single app/website and limit yourself. Finally, as long as you know how to make queries, it doesn't matter which framework you use, because all what will change is the syntax to excute these queries and connect to database, which you can find online in under 1min (literally), and then copy paste to connect and load your queries.


I always think Google and YouTube.

+5 Ithink it's helpfull webdite for more infromation about ruby paython and more .. plz check it ...

+4 Check my this code


Simply you search here any topic you can find here .Loeschzwerg


Geeksforgeeks GitHub These are the best according to me.


Cbr✔[ Inactive ] Aymane Boukrouh I already have W3 school app I am just asking this question for my friend


Hi, u can practice in


Rustem Sharipov i take more codewars and hackerrank even codility


Cbr✔[ Inactive ] I mentionned that already but thanks for confirming


Aymane Boukrouh this is to the point.. Whatever other languages you want to learn. I suggest you to create a content of that programming language all the features.. You can learn that title from different websites then.. (just Google it) some sites i prefer is youtube, document of official site (where you download offical software) and videos course like udemay, Lynda. Good luck


Qudusayo have a look at Neo4j, which is a new-ish database system based on Java with Sidewheels attached Otherwise I can always recommend to go on the website of the language and look for learning resources there. It usually includes a whole lot o' shit to take the next leap ahead.


Abhay pratap Singh in which way is that a contribution to the topic?


Well, you can explore more applications, get books, and the best thing to do would be APPLY IT. There will be very little progression unless you put your mind to smething and just do it. Find a problem you wan to solve then solve it. Find an idea for a website and make it.


A couple more for practice: For learning:


Try this also...


CodeAcademy can be good. Plenty of people post onto YouTube if that's better. Looking online will definitely give you useful results but certain books are just as useful.


try building some applications. you will get into a lot of new stuff. there is lot on the youtube for free. w3schools geeksforgeeks if you got any doubt, you can search it from stackoverflow