What are meaning of system, out ,prinln in the statement System.out .println??

If possible differences

9/11/2019 2:31:38 AM

Likhitha Kande

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It's a declaration I think someone that codes with Java can explain this Better


Hello: As you know, everything in java works with classes and objects, among them the language itself provides a series of packages and pre-designed classes, some that must be imported and others that do not require it because they are implicitly imported, those that are "implicitly imported" are mostly java.lang package among those is the java.lang.System class that provides access to system resources (such as clock and standard input / output), so we have to System: class provided by the java.lang package out: it is a static property of the System class, said property is an object of the PrintStream class. println: It is a method of the PrintStream class


System is a class -out is variable -println method