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How to get many code views in sololearn?

9/10/2019 5:20:39 PM


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1.) Attractive code sure helps 2.) Big follower base 3.) Advertise the code in the right designated places 4.) Have a bunch of people at hand that will upvote your stuff and comment on it no matter what. If they have a lot of followers, all the better. 5.) Get the timing right, when there's not too much uploading activity, but also no dead hour. 6.) Post your code directly after an update, when the hot-today limit of 24 hours is accidentally disfunct... again. And if you want to make me happy, do just point 1 and nothing else.


Views? Post a sample of your code in your personal feed upvotes depends on how interesting your code is.. HonFu is right, there are lot of people ready to like your things no matter how ugly it is


Thanks all...


Creating most interesting, useful, resourceful and amazing code! 🤭


Oh, yeah, personal feed, forgot that one.


garbage code + anime avatar + ascii art = likes 👍


I can do it if you have c# code :)