Exact amount of followers

Where can i see my exact amount of followers? Cause now i see 4.2K i would like to see 42xx

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you can wait and see which user make 4.3k th follower and then keep the track of it(then go to followers and count from that user) and do same when forgot or lose to keep track of it, for later notations like for million it will be very difficult(but lets first reach there). //upto my knowledge of here, I don't think it is directly possible to do, might by use of some code it may be possible


I know, handling fame is hard, but I'm pretty sure you cannot see it


Andrew Johnson It's actually a difference of 99 not 1 😂😂


You can't.


If you can take your time to count it one by one,since actual amount of followers is your problem


It was a joke, cuz you have so many followers and I don't... called sarcasm😂


Man, it must be tough to not be able to tell if you have 4,000 followers or 4,001 followers😂