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Introduction to algorithms Book?

Is there any pre requisite to read that book? Really a good math background is required? If not so from where to start studying that book? Can a beginner is capable of understanding concepts of that book? How to practice algorithms stuff. Everyone is saying practice practice but from where and how to start. Please share your early experiences of your algorithms and problem solving skills journey so that it can help so many people out here like me. Thank you.

9/7/2019 1:28:30 AM

praveen kasojjala

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Just follow geeksforgeeks ,go through theory and practice questions topic wise and your are good to go .


I'd say having a background in data structures and complexity analysis will help immensely.



This one? there may be several books with the same title.


Ace Complexity analysis????


To read any algorithms and data structures book you just need some basic knowledge about any language and high school math.