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help me in c++ graphics [Resources needed]

i have completed basics of c++ and i want to make games but i have no idea what to do ... what to learn ... i don't want to go for unity or unreal because of hardware compatibility so can anyone give me some good resources for learning graphics with c++ and i also want to know what is the trending library in game making industries

9/2/2019 5:14:58 PM

Prashanth Kumar [left]

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I think, I could help you better, as I started it 2 months ago!! How I started? I made an Monopoly Game With BGI 16bit Graphics, I believe, still BGI is best way to get started on Graphics, atleast you could understand how a game works, about game loops etc. Also, its better to start on Console Application, and try to make some small games like snake etc. On Console without graphics.. What I'm doing Now? Learning OpenGL!!! I believe it's the best way to get into graphics Programming, learn openGL on: a great tutorial, also, on YouTube, search thechernoproject and watch his OpenGL playlist, under 1 month, you'll get idea behind graphics and games, then you could start developing basic games and 3D applications. Choosing graphics API is upto you, (openGL is not an API), among SFML, OpenGL and DirectX, you've to choose, I would recommend SFML or OpenGL as DirectX is too hard, Vulkan is great but you've to find great tutorial on it first I've limited hw, and thts why I'm working on OpenGL!


Go to or to There you can gain a lot of knowledge about graphic coding.


SFML it's a very helpful framework to ease game development. ALL THE BEST FOR THE AWESOME JOURNEY 😊😃


learn openGL you can find books like (learn openGL) and videos on YouTube.



thank you all of you i will go with you Satyam Mishra ...


The really hard way exists: using Windows API


Look for information about Cocos2d. There are libraries for c ++.



Duck Typed, SDL is great library, but at the end, you've to use DirectX or OpenGL, as SDL itself isn't a full graphic api, instead a great combination of all


Satyam Mishra Gotcha, nice to know. I do like its built-in event handling, where I can call a SDL api to add a function to call when an event enters the queue. I checked out an OpenGl, and it's quite lower level than SDL if I think so. I'll try it out sometime.


SDL 2.0 is another option. Tutorials for it is found in "". The following is a program in SDL 2 that displays a red box: int main(int* arg, char** argcs) { SDL_Window* Window = SDL_CreateWindow(100,100,800,500,SDL_WINDOW_SHOWN); // make a window at the coordinates of 100,000 with a width of 800 and a height of 500, and show the window SDL_Renderer* Renderer = SDL_CreateWindow(window, -1, SDL_RENDERER_PRESENTVSYNC); // The Renderer displays textures on the window. SDL_Rect rect; rect.x = 100; rect.y = 150; rect.w = 120; rect.h = 55; SDL_setRenderDrawColor(renderer, 0,0,0,255); // Used for the clearing the screen to black, 0,0,0,255 is rgba format, a is transparency SDL_renderClear(renderer); SDL_setRenderDrawColor(renderer, 255,0,0,255); // Draw our red rectangle to the virtual screen. Update it in the last line. SDL_renderDrawRect(renderer, rect); SDL_renderPresent(renderer); SDL_delay(4000); return 0; }