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A programmer and a lawyer were out in the savannah, to refresh and rejuvenate their minds: when suddenly, a lion appeared out of the dusty grass and steadily charged towards the two professionals! The programmer, being the more logical thinker, took out his running_shoes and hastily put them on: The lawyer shouted at him, "Ohh dear! the shoes won't help you to OUTRUN the lion!" The Programmer was like, " True ! but they will surely help me to OUTRUN you!" <^> Respect To Programmers <^>

1/30/2017 12:23:25 PM

<^>washika D<^>

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Lol, I think more logical too than before now. Too bad I lost my old personality xD.


Hey washika. I challenged you. Would you like to complete it?


hahahahaha True! a boolean answer 😂 instead of right



Lucky the lion doesn't support threading...


Nice one


Jesus :"D


I will get to that level of logical thinking too then! funny joke though!



Aye best answer? Thanks washika D :D


If both guys have had unite their forces against the lion, they would make the animal run way. Obviously the programmer doesn't care of his friend in low.



Ha ha ha


but who would want to hurt the lion?



Three guys in a safari camp. One of them is having a problem on his mind and goes for a walk. After a while the other two are talking: - I wonder what's eating him...