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I have been using this app for 2 days now and I've realized as informative as all this is there's nothing in here so far that declares the relevance of each lesson. what are the practical applications? This is probably why people get bored learning. Because so far it's been just that... learning. It'd help if there was a way to test your skills..

1/30/2017 12:29:32 AM


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the real way to make it practical is to take what it taught you, and ask "what if?" or make something new out of it in code playground. have fun with it. you will encounter errors, and that will be how you learn what you can do and can't do.


also you can have a look at what other people have done in code playground for inspiration and what they have used stuff for - I wish I could tag my code snippets with topics that I've made use of, but since we can't (yet) I often put it I. the title


Hello There! Have you ever heard of Arduino? it's basically a Microcontroller(mainly used for robots in this case) that is mostly programmed by C++. I actually learned its language before learning C++ and found it extremely similar to this! it even including: If, While, For, Else loops and more, just like C++. And its way-of-thinking is similar. It does include some other thing necessary for robots, but they aren't complex. I hope this helps you!