Hi guys im learning python and till now I've learned alot about it.. So i just want to learn about databases too... What should i do... Shoud i learn sql or is there another way and if so what torutials do you recommend And something else I am leaning js to but i am still more interested in python.. Is it a good way to use python to connect to databases and then try it on js later or shoud i use it straight on js?

8/25/2019 8:53:24 PM


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Fuzzy Squid yeah soory i know 😅 actually i had bad internet connection ... When i came here there wasn't any answer but under my question there was 1 ANSWERS... I waited for the answer to show up but it never did... So that's how i forgot


Thanks alot Fuzzy Squid soory i was a bit late for responding... I got another question.. Do you suggest js(uisng node js) for back or python (uisng django)