Multiple inputs in code playground problem

So I was using coding playground on this app and I noticed that when my program need several inputs using cin>> in C++, when I run it, it prompts me to do all the inputs together, which is all but convenient and it makes my program almost useless. Ia there a way around this? Can I use some trick to enter inputs one at a time? Also please share how do you write your code for this app? (I noticed many people posted some serious codes and I doubt they did that using this app which by the way doesn't have a debugger)

8/25/2019 8:46:21 PM


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Unfortunately this is a limitation of non web codes with interactive input on code playground.


yes you can give multiple inputs but it is very limited (like you already said) if you want to give input at seperate times in your program you are gonna need to install a compiler on your pc/laptop


Thanks for the reply I've got an additional question. Right now I'm using my android phone for learning c++ since I am yet to buy a new laptop and I am just a beginner. Now, are there any online moblie-friendly compilers you would recommend or is code playground here on this app as good as it gets. Thanks once again :)


Fuzzy Squid thanks a lot I'll check them out