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Trying to know all

Is it best to try to learn as many languages as possible or focus on only one? What is your own opinion?

8/24/2019 10:50:56 PM


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As my opinion you have to focus on only one language but day by day things are changing so you can't stay on only one language. For example suppose once a time java was popular but now a days python is popular or artificial intelligence is popular.


Insted of learning many languages try to learn basic concepts which are common in all languages such as variable initialization, operators, functions etc then try to learn OOP concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism etc because in all languages almost every thing is common but the way of doing it is different soo if you know these concepts, you can easily grab different language. hope it helps .


Focus on that language which is today's need 👍👍 All the best


My opinion is to learn all the languages that I'm gonna use in the future or right now for eg. Recently I was developing websites with a club for my school(which I'm still doing) so I'll learn html javascript and depends on what you are and will be doing


Master in one programming language will help you to learn other programming language easily So learn one programming language and master it. after learn any other programming language depend on your needs


Focus on a few


Try to avoid learning many languages. There are libraries and frameworks for each language. Some languages will not be on the scene after a few years, like Ruby or R, and you may not even use them for real work. Mastering in complex languages like java or c ++ takes years.


I think it's a waste of precious time to commit to learning all programming languages on this platform. Learn only what you need on as needs basis. Your learning curve is acute and exponentially heightened when you're learning a language because you have to build with it, as against learning for chewing gum knowledge. As long as you understand all the basic concepts like OOP, etc. you can export that knowledge across languages. Why learn Ruby if you ain't coding Ruby? Better be deep than broad.


I firmly believe the more you learn, the best You'll learn all of them


Will be better if u will learn only one language with some framworks and libraries for start. When u will be building a cool projects u may start to learn other language which not harder then first


My personal advice is to learn the basics of all the languages you will use but pick one you like and specialize in that. This will allow you to know other languages in case you need them but also still be able to use a language you like more often and easily


just learn one everytime


Focus on algorithms coz if you know 1000 programming languages and can’t get a logical solution to a problem, Programming syntax won’t help you. Also, each programming language is better adapted to create software solutions in a particular domain. You wish to work on websites: do html, css, javascript, php and sql. Don’t go start trying to use c to build the website. You may succeed but it will be more stressful.


In this Solo learn will help!


just learn one


In this IT industry everything changes so fast. I've chosen to acquire knowledge in one of the languages that have been around awhile. And let everything else I learn happen on a need-to-know basis.


Try to develop logic ability learning language is not big deal


At start try to catch all that is possible, it is wide knowledge, then let's learn 1-2 main language, that you like, it is deep knowledge.


It's good to learn as many language as u want but the best is focus on it one after the other.