How to stop the whole screen from moving | Scrolling (web)? (On iphone)

On iphone: On these two codes I've been working on, The first one ("Ginfio form"), you can't really scroll any more than where it says "best on iphone (iOS)" (where the nav bars would be). <- which Is good On the other hand, this code, you can stretch (pull | scroll), the whole screen down, left, right. How do I stop that, and make it be like the first code ('Ginfio form')? You will see the difference If you put your finger In the screen and pull Down. 1 https://code.sololearn.com/WTZz0DJR6FdD/?ref=app 2 https://code.sololearn.com/WCpYu510wGLf/?ref=app

8/24/2019 5:43:28 AM


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css touch-action: none;


Calviղ I was wondering why the "Giveaway" moves (stretches), when you pull down the screen. And the other one (gin.. forum) doesnt move (its linda like it's set to fixed, but it's not. I tried comparing both to see what the difference is, but i couldn't find the difference - why one stretches and the other one stays fixed. Also, where do you put touch-action: none;?