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[SOLVED] upvote problem

How come my up votes don't do any effect? I check back in later and it's gone! HOW

8/22/2019 6:34:49 PM


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Forward your query to sololearn via email at [email protected] We'll look into it.


It means you haven't verified your email




Thanks guys I'll just wait a bit and see


Koder King Cbr✔[ Most active ] it works now thanks anyways!


Yeah necroing this, but today I saw that all my upvotes in a discussion are gone. (not even my discussion, so I'd just bumped into it, I mean it's my upvotes for others that arw gone) They tell us to send a recording, not just a screen shot, and I find myself having trouble going through the motions fast enough to record it when I can catch it because it needs to be less than 25 MB, says gmail. I sent one for a similar problem, where upvotes didn't get deleted but were displayed as if not counted (feed doesn't refresh or vice versa) You need to refresh the page but on the phone you cannot do that by forcing an automatic refresh by navigating elsewhere and coming back, you have to shut down the app and turn it on again. They told me "you need to update it". I didn't even bother after I got that reply. (edit: typos) Just taking note of it here.