Why questions repeats in challenges.

Why same questions repeats in challenges. Why there is no update of Questions.

8/21/2019 1:49:37 PM


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From random import shuffle, choice


They get reversed sometimes to kill cram work and as you go higher new questions come up...you get 5/5 all the time you can focus more on answering others question and solving Sololearn’s no brainers...they improve your thinking ability for sure plus it doesnt hurt to keep reminding yourself of what you already know✌🏾 Lets challenge😜


Wahab the question come randomly


Sololearn's objective is not to punish a learner, but to make us learn better. If a question repeats itself, 'tis for you to understand, try again and get the right answer deep into your medulla. You could well contribute too in creating and voting questions for users, if you feel they aren't much questions. There are slow and fast learners, all have been taken into consideration


There is also only a limited pool of questions.


They come randomly...and why not?


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Why there is scarcity of questions ?????


The question pool is small. It's not the sheer size that matters, or that you see the same questions over and over. The key here is that over time you will get more correct. Seeing the same questions can boost your motivation. Furthermore, if you win more than you lose then you will be more prone to continue your learning and be successful.


What you have learnt and learn perfectly even you knew. Andy is get 5/5 that still makes you motivate to try next one. That also you will choose correct answer on your next try...


Not sure how the algorithm works. But if it chooses uniformly, the probability of choosing any question out of pool with n questions is 1/n, which is bigger than zero.


then stop playing for a while and come back to it.. see if you remember how to solve it. :) I have seen a few new questions here and there..but mostly I don't play as often anymore... it got really boring seeing the same questions over and over.


Well, since anyone can play as many challenges as thet want, it would be nearly impossible to have a new question every single time, Especially in one language. It helps to implant things in your brain. If you didnt know an answer to a question and you only got the question once, how will it stick with you? Repeated memory is true memorization.