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How many people?

How can I find out how many people did I follow?

8/20/2019 1:53:59 AM


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Hey , i found an easy solution 1 - Go to the leaderboard . 2 - Click on " Following". 3 - Switch to all time (just look under global , u'll find it on the top right , click on it and Switch to "all time ) . Now u can know how many people do u follow , but remember : int main(){ int number_of_follow; cin >>number_of_follow; cout <<"\nI'm following : " << number_of_follow-1 <<endl; return 0; } number_of_follow-1 : cause u've counted on your leaderboard , so u should decrease one person from the total in order to get the correct number .


Count them.


The beta already has this feature-- wait till it hits stable. It says 4.5K for you. (I wonder how the feed looks for this one, or how some people manage to click follow this many times or more...)


Modi Did u check the Top this month list (following), or from the number that's on ur profile?! Just follow the steps that i've said 1 year ago


You can counting but you can't 😰😰😰


I have to say that the method by Zakaria Boudal is quite accurate although I found a difference of 2 rather than 1 between the number of people he's following when I directly counted them Vs what's on his Following leaderboard.


I think these possibilities is not in sololearn and you can check my following 😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂


Zakaria Boudal I checked it out and scrolled to the end of the list (was hard work). There are 4448 in my Following list, but on my profile it just changed recently to 4.6k so there is over 150 difference for some reason... 🤔


Zakaria Boudal I checked the bottom of the All Time Following Leaderboard list (4448 according to your steps) and compared it to my Profile (4.6k). I can see the total number only at the bottom of the Leaderboard list...


Modi That's weird 'cause you should see 4 600 follower


Zakaria Boudal Yeap, that's also more or less what I expected. Could be that the 150+ difference is because of deleted/disabled (from SoloLearn) users. The Following list is correct but the Profile count is only updated when I follow/unfollow them...


Modi Maybe accounts have been deleted! Or ghost followers, Lol