What python module i can use to control my Wifi adapter in windows ?

8/19/2019 6:57:53 PM

Jose Ferrer Valerino

5 Answers

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Windows has access to your Wifi adapter so simply use the OS module. After importing you just write "os.system("YOUR COMMAND HERE")" to execute commands. Here is a list of Wifi Related commands in windows 10 you can use in your program: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-manage-wireless-networks-using-command-prompt-windows-10 Cheers :-)


I had already used that method, but I am looking for something more automated, which is independent of the windows commands




hey here i see you people talking about os . my window 10 can boot to start up ,and i dont have cd nor usb drive avialabe now what can i do ?