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Is git hub mandatory to learn?

Is git hub something that all developers must learn?


8/18/2019 8:03:46 PM

Roach Roach

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Yes, it's your porfolio. Take good care of it.


Not mandatory but good to use.


You can find readings about version control here


Since your new to programming, just consider the answer to be yes.


I never heard of it until today I thought it was a framework for javascrpit.


It is not Mandatory to all developer should Learn the Github.. But if you have a Good Learner and Developer then my Suggestion is to use Github


GitHub is not a revision control system GitHub is a git repository. Git is a revision control system and can be used without GitHub. This is a common misconception. GitLab is another git repository. There are many revision control systems available. Some of the more common open source ones are cvs, subversion (svn), mercurial (Hg), git and fossil. There are also numerous commercial revision control systems. See... There are also many source code hosting sites offering support for various revision control systems including GitHub, GitLab, SourceForge, CloudForge, Bitbucket, and GNU Savannah amongst others. See... Revision Control Systems/Version Control systems are not limited to source code. If it's text based then it can be logged into a revision control system easily. This includes documentation, web sites (html, css & javascript), source code etc. Some revision control systems can also store binary data, though not as efficiently. This means even game assets such as music, images and models, as well as the source code can be controlled. In any large project a version control system should be considered essential.