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Reject Challenges?

Recently I got multiple challenge from user who are 4-5 levels above me, I thought to myself this should be good practice but after a while it's gets obvious that the question based on their level (which is higher) instead of mine, so obviously I lose all of them and lose some exp. What should I do then? Seems like the best thing to do is just reject them straight away and challenge new user (lower level) myself after I understand more of the language I'm trying to learn (in this case Python)? To me that's just not a very healthy environment to study. Wonder how did you guys face this situation?

8/14/2019 12:00:38 PM

Wahyu Nugraha

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So if you win me you will get about 32 experience + experience for the correct answers, if you lose you will receive experience depending on the number of correct answers, if you have never answered correctly lose 1xp. If I lose to you, I will lose 32 xp


That's fine. No need to unnecessarily stress yourself.


Just decline. We're all used to that. ;-)


If you want to get good practice and not lose experience, you can play with those who have more experience in this language (this is not a common experience), if you win, you will gain a lot of experience, if you lose, you will still get experience


So the opponent is weak in this programming language (while his level can be high). For example, I have a high level in python but low in html. If I win you in html you will lose a lot of experience, but you won’t lose in python


Wahyu Nugraha xp aka experience points is not real world things if you loose them too you will not get affected much Virtual things is not important. But I would say utilizes your most time in practice coding concepts and making projects which can be helpful in making your portfolio attractive. You can do challenges at fun time as no challenge quizzes will going to help in increasing coding knowledge in big amount. So focus on coding skills


Wahyu Nugraha, Safety, Familiarity and Comfort is what most Homo Sapiens strive for. Sociologist have long collected DATA to analyze this behavior in Mankind. The Fear of Failure as a whole. We are all going through a learning curve. Many of us have totally different skill sets in Industries that now insist on Statistics and Data Analytics through various coding languages. Let's embrace the challenges together.


Honestly I never reject any challenge even if the challenge is from a user who is more experienced than me... because it always push me out from my comfort zone and enhanced the little bit knowledge of the programming language 😀😀😀.... doesn't matter If I lose or not...main point is I LEARNT SOMETHING NEW


keep learning..especially from your failures.. i mean look for the answers to the questions u answered wrong.... xp doesn't matter your real xp increases when you face challenges.. thougher challenges.. 😙


No mention, no need to think about it


Your Awesome, We Believe in you!! Go concour the world knowing "We" as a coding community have your back🐯


Never be afraid of failure.What the challenger should observe is "Which" languages you are developing and "Not" challenge you in a "unformiliar" language.


Hey thanks for responds! Well on my most latest challenge I got none right, to be exact I have no idea what are the questions asking for rather then wrong answer. And I lose -15 exp cus of it (instead of -1 exp like you mentioned)..


Thanks for all the input guys! Yeah I guess I shouldn't focus too much on challenge and spend more time on the study. Regarding exp point means nothing, I guess you're right, thought it's fun to see the level going up in times :)


Thanks guys! Yeah this does help ease out the stress haha!


Thanks for the encouragement Subhodeep Chandra :)


I only challenge users with level 10+. Below that the ratio of peeps who chicken out is too high. And I don't care about the XP anyway. XP might be important to the html-lunatics but not to anyone who serisously wants to learn coding.


Well I guess it's more of a "fun" part rather then "afraid of failure". It's not fun to constantly lose to something that you have no idea of, but that's just my opinion though. Probably should focus on completing the course first before attempting challenge :)


Wahyu Nugraha ☺️


Thanks so much sharing your thought on this PoloLadyCoder Yeah subconsciously failing might make uncomfortable hence I started this thread. But you're right without failure we won't learn much~