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Can you create multiplayer games on Sololearn?

Is it possible to create a multiplayer game on Sololearn using web languages?

8/13/2019 1:19:24 AM

Danial Azadpour

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I don't even think it's the only one here, but this is the most popular code that would definitely count as a multiplayer game: Maybe you can ask the creator himself for more advice on the topic, if you really want to try and do something similar here. Edit, found some more examples, I'll just put them below for completeness:


I thought no as well until Ole113 suggested the point about chat rooms. So maybe it is possible although simple ones.


Probaly , people make chat rooms so I would be supprised if you couldn’t


No you can't, no on sololearn servers. Sololearn has limits, there is time limit, memory limit... and others, you wouldn't be able to do even a little game, but you can always make a game using your own computer or a local server


I only said one thing, you can't


Sonic Aymane Boukrouh ive seen people using firebase, and im pretty sure ive seen some multiplayer game of some kind in the past.


Can you send any link ?


Web multiplayer games should theoretically work. Any server would do the trick, you would just need to store information on the other players and keep updating those. If chat rooms work, multiplayer games will work.