[Solved] How to find Some one who is giving downvotes on my code ?

Today I'm done with a code . I don't know the user ,who is giving down votes to all the people who are commenting . Very annoyed to see those kind of actions ;)

8/12/2019 5:13:17 PM


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Hy Farhanaz You can report such cases at stay safe thread https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/524028/?ref=app along with link to code/post


Friends ! Thank you for your answers . Some people are opposed with my question as well . I just wanna say few things. • Is it a fault , if they comment as Eid -Mubarak ? • Why to dislike ? • If any comment related to inappropriate for Sololearn . Then , we have to dislike . Right ?? • Rather than this , one guy keeping on down vote , because I'm not replying to his messages on Sololearn . • Is it necessary ?? • Of course , I would like to help people , if they are sincere . • Please , don't hate


You shouldn't care Farhanaz


For now I don't care . But it's rediculous , to see that kind of people ;)


Farhanaz for you info I want to tell you that only platinum mods can see who had downvoted


An appeal to SoloLearners: A little searching can go a long way... https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1757422/?ref=app There are some philosophies regarding downvoting in this thread. Mods put in some opinions too later in the thread.


You can't find their identity to prevent retaliation activities. The suspicious activity can only be reported.


It is only known to mods. Users may not see them for risk of allowing prejudice against them.


Toby Chidi if you don't find any interest to a post than do nothing


One bad apple ruins the bunch!!!!


Thank you ))


Copied this text from discord By Hatsy Rei(platinum mod) Deliberately downvoting content created by a certain user to express your attitude to the user or downvoting content that doesn’t violate our rules and policies may be considered as suspicious activity and lead to blocking the account. So it's serious


So what's the deal, maybe he don't like the comments


Farhan[inactive][#Battery_low] I thought I could just downvote if I didn't find anything interesting in the code or post?


Farhan[inactive][#Battery_low] Understood 👍👍👍


I think its nothing to concern about or worry... He has the right to hate anything or anyone even if thats cool to us... Maybe its about mentality. #peace_out 🙌


that is not fair


Today I had commit double click up vote on your code, but after that I have quick fixed that. Second click shift back the up vote. 😳🤔😅


Exactly , something like that..


An appeal to the Moderators: there is a big misunderstanding of exactly what down voting means, and when it should used. An appeal to the Moderators: Somebody please explain.