How to use class="one two" ?, Please give me example.

CSS class

8/11/2019 5:29:25 PM

Armando Nenosono

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HTML: <div class = "c1 c2"> yay </div> CSS: .c1 { color: green; } .c2 { background: red; } It will have green text color & red background. Very complicated.


Any tag in HTML can have an id and a class attribute. You can use those to make JS and CSS to access certain tags, by 3 different main things: name (tag name) id class With name you can target any tags of the same name. You can for example specify every paragraph element <p></p> to be red. id is an identifier for a tag, not 2 tags can have the same identifier, but you can use it to specify 1 certain element. class is a group for a tag, similar to id, but same class can be given for multiple individual elements.


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