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Is it hard to become a front-end developer?

What things do you need to know in order to become a front-end developer? and is it possible to become one in just a few years even if you know almost none of the skills and are under 18?

8/10/2019 3:36:57 AM

Danial Azadpour

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There are many frameworks that many companies wants you to now. Firstly, you can start with Javascript and some frameworks like Angular, Ajax,React. But if you want know exactly, you can visit website with work for programmers and see, what employer wants from employee


Danial A. The core skills every front end developer needs are just plain old HTM, CSS, JS. I've seen people who claim to get jobs in 6 months of their learning. As for age, the younger the better. If you are under 18 and you have a solid grasp of the 3 skills stated above, then you can call yourself a front-end developer.


Always choose consistency over speed when it comes to learning something new, don't get concerned about your pace in learning just be consistent and have passion.


Nothing is ever easy. It just takes passion, determination, dedication, persistence, and focus to be anything you want (full stack developer). Just spend time with your computer, books and tutorials and become the best u were born to be


You can do it! Specifically FED, is a wide topic these days. This recent post by CSS-Tricks founder sums up the state nicely:


Yes it is possible to become front-end developer in few years. For being a front-end developer you need to know firstly HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT through which you can make very very attractive and responsive web pages. Only Sololearn course is not sufficient to being a developer, you can also study from YouTube. I think the best channel for learning CSS tricks and other advance CSSis Online Tutorials and for JavaScript every web development channel as per your need.

+1 check it out and give it a clap. Thanks...