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Free hosting

Hello there. I was wondering about a free hosting service where to test the performance of my web works on the internet. I seek a full customize html/css/javascript like, do u know some?

8/7/2019 7:03:20 PM


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Yes, you can use github pages, it is a free hosting service, gives you 1gb of storage. But you can only use html, css and javascript. Php won't work. You can dm me if it doesn'y work for you.


Thank u, actually i dont why i didnt think about using github, maybe i dont really know how it works


If you don't know how it works, you can send a private message maybe I can help you


Git is a must for all developpers. You should try to know more about it. Its really strong once you know how to use git commands


Companies like Hostinger and infinity free provide free hosting option (just Google it). For learning and development purpose, you can use ampps in your localhost. GitHub and Netlify are also better options