How to make an social media link in my code like instagram or facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter with their icon


8/7/2019 11:35:34 AM


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daniel for including icons you can use font-awesome library. Which is used for facebook and other icons styling and effect. https://fontawesome.com/?utm_source=v4_homepage&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=fa5_released&utm_content=banner


daniel yes. You can include the library in your code and copy the syntax of the icon which you want to use in your web page.


https://code.sololearn.com/W1yj7z6QS0m1/?ref=app https://code.sololearn.com/Wzd1Nx2ZMYJ0/?ref=app


GAWEN STEASY is it free?


GAWEN STEASY i used the html tag for at but it didn't work