Is HTML, CSS & Javascript a team to make a good code together ?

If you want to make a good code, every part of HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT should be use properly and correctly. For example, • Javascript represents the introduction • CSS for decorating the page • HTML is the most important role in a code, it shows all the materials you want to present (The above method is my style) This is only a basic team to make a better code, but if you use them correctly, I think they can help you to make a good code.

7/31/2019 1:12:37 AM


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JS rather than Java is more suitable for the web front end.


Js is best rather than java


Is best use JavaScript in set with html and css for the frontend of the website and PHP for the backend


By Java, I'm assuming you mean JavaScript, but yes, HTML, CSS and JavaScript work well together.



I think you can't definitly avoid JS in frontend.


One of Javascript or HTML can be mainly use. Just up to what your topic is and what method do you want to use